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Meeting Minutes: June 12, 2017

The meeting was called to order by the Chair at 7:14 PM.
Members Present: Melissa Desjardins, Kevin Mandeville, Harry Bailey, Frank Sullivan, Gina Guasconi
Excused Absences:
Members Absent: Ray Ajemian, Joan Neumeister
Guests Present:
Approval of Minutes : N/A
Treasurer’s Report: N/A
1. Harry Bailey Stepping Down as Chair
Open Nomination for Chair: Frank Sullivan motion to nominate Melissa Desjardins for new Chair of Committee. Gina Guasconi seconded the motion. With a vote of 5Y and 0N, the committee approves Melissa Desjardins as new Chair of the Community Preservation Committee
2. Gina Guasconi Nominated as Vice Chair
Frank Sullivan motion to nominate Gina Guasconi as Vice-Chair of the Community Preservation Committee. Kevin Sullivan seconded the motion. With a vote of 5Y and 0N, the committee approves Gina Guasconi as the Vice-Chair of the Community Preservation Committee.
3. Frank Sullivan has suggested that a volunteer be a treasurer/clerk
4. Gina Guasconi has suggested that each member have a designated person overseeing each project until a consultant is hired
5. Kevin Mandeville nominated as Treasurer/Clerk
Frank Sullivan motions to nominate Kevin Mandeville to be Treasurer/Clerk of the Community Preservation Committee. Harry Bailey seconded the motion. With a vote of 5Y and 0N, the committee approves Kevin Mandeville as the Treasurer/Clerk of the
Project Updates:
Music Alley Update: Carpenter finished benches and stairs for cost of $3,600.
Stanley Iron Works Building: Gina Guasconi motion to check if balance is available to resend. Seconded by Harry Bailey.
War Memorial: Monies returned for work not completed, a bill is needed. Michael Dutton to submit revised application to committees of interested parties.
Order Transfer#0-2017-027: CPA Reserve Accounts FY18
Amendments of appropriating from CPA undesignated fund balance the sum of $1,200,000 for CPA funds, contingent that $26,000 come from Affordable Housing Account and $8,000 from the Admin Account. Frank Sullivan motion to approve, Harry Bailey seconded. With a vote of 5Y and 0N, the committee approves the order.
With no further business to attend, Frank Sullivan moved to adjourn; Gina Guasconi seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously at 9:25 PM.

CPC Meeting Minutes: March 13, 2017

The meeting was called to order by the Chair at 7:06 PM.
Members Present: Harry Bailey, Melissa Desjardin, Gina Guasconi, Joan Neumeister, Bob Wood, Kevin Mandeville
Excused Absences: Ray Ajemian
Members Absent:
Guests Present:
Approval of Minutes from October 19, 2016 : Ms. Joan Neumeister moved to accept the minutes from the Month October 19, 2016 meeting; Mr. Bob Wood seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: Mr. Bob Wood stated no report was provided by Town. Harry Bailey read a report given recently to Town Council (attachment A).
Project Updates:
Academy Building (additional notes): Project still open
Stanley Iron Works Stone Building (additional notes): Nothing to report
Stiles and Hart Broad Street Appraisal (additional notes): Still open
Town-wide Recreational Needs Assessment: No report
Housing Coordinator Position (additional notes): No report
WWI Memorial – still open. Memorial’s one bidder recommended cast stone housing be replaced. Town is considering flipping the position of the Memorial to face the Common and having the plaques be set in a new stone encasement. Ms. Melissa Desjardins recommend to Town that it study the placement in relation to the other two Memorials on the Common to see if a relationship could/should occur.

New Business

New Application: Legion Park Field Lighting Improvements were presented by Mr. Charlie Simmons of the Parks and Recreation Department. Little League Volunteers in audience to support the Application:

Mr. Brian Erlichman stated the Little League generates $15-20,000/year in fundraising efforts, usually from businesses, and that the same effort will be directed to support the lighting installation.

Mr. Jason Cunningham stated these lights are necessary to provide another evening activity for children to help keep kids on track and out of trouble.

Matt Givigan, VP Board of Little League Directors, stated the League has hundreds of volunteers to ensure every child is offered the opportunity to play, and extended the play time would be beneficial to support these efforts.

Mr. Kevin Mandeville asked if lights would be LED, Mr. Charlie Simmons stated the cost for these was too great.

Ms. Melissa Desjardins asked for a photometric plan and details. Mr. Bill Wood seconded the need for this. Ms. Gina Guasoni motioned to award the project the full amount of $231,000 conditional of receiving the photometic plan and details. Ms. Joan Guasconi seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Mr. Harry Bailey recommended Committee consider raising the 2% rate to 3% received from tax revenue to help offset anticipated decrease in State match. Ideas for next meeting are needed to help market the role and responsibilities of CPA will be required to educate the Town.

More current photos are required to update the website.

New members are required from Housing Trust, Planning Board, HDC and Historic Commission.

Mr. Bill Wood gave his resignation from his role of treasurer, due largely in part by lack of reports given to him by Town (after multiple requests).

With no further business to attend, Ms. Melissa Desjardins moved to adjourn; Ms. Joan Neumeister seconded. The motion passed unanimously at 8:44 PM.

Meeting Minutes: October 19, 2016

Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


The meeting was called to order by the Chair at 6:37 PM.


Members Present: Harry Bailey, Melissa Desjardin, Bob Wood, Kevin Mandeville, Joan Neumeister,

Excused Absences:

Members Absent: Gina Guasconi, Ray Ajemian

Guests Present: Beth Ann Bligh, Andrew DeIonno, Lisa Sullivan, Mike Dutton, Daryl Vacy;


-Welcome to new member Kevin Mandeville, Open Space Committee.


-Motion to take proposal for town monument out of order to accommodate TM, motion by Ms. Neumeister, seconded by Mr. Mandeville. Unanimous.


-Proposal for WW1 Monument: Built in 1921 out of aggregate concrete, not granite. This application was spearheaded by Dennis Gallagher; He filled out project narrative. Asking for $75,000 and that is based upon a cost estimate done by Ivan Myjer who does building and monument conservation. Estimate of $39,000 as scope 1; Scope 2 was to actually detach tablets and bring back to shop and treat them, remove existing corrosion, etc from Scope 1, recast stone units, set stone units, etc.  Scope 2 contemplates the possibility of moving the monument, there is discussion that that is more accessible for viewing.  If this was done it would be a plain backing facing the street.  Budget would be $65,000 for the work and $10,000 for additional landscaping for a total of $75,000.  Included in that contingency would be money needed for the electrical work.  Question on the stone foundation – that would be part of the $10,000. This is the first time there has been a significant renovation. The objective is to get the work finished by Memorial Day of 2017.  Dennis and Roddy Walsh are working on applying for an additional grant, but it hasn’t been calculated as a deduction.  Grant funding would be spent before CPC funds.


Melissa recommended adjusting the names on the monument so it’s lower and so that it’s not blocking the Academy Building; potential for eliminating the bottom portion of monument. TM would go back and see if this is feasible.


Motion to accept with the plan to have it ready for Memorial Day, May 29, 2017 made by Bob Wood.  Added to the motion by Melissa Desjardins is that we are including on any grant proposal that the effort has been made. Motion seconded by Mr. Mandeville, all in favor. Unanimous.


Approval of minutes – Motion to approve made by Bob Wood, seconded by Melissa Desjardins; all in favor with 2 abstained.


Treasurer’s Report……………………………………………see updates below.


Reorganize: tabled until the end.


New Business:


  1. Proposal from Dennis Gallagher: taken out of order;
  2. Renew webpage: cheaper because it has already been done. $525 to continue the website for another year. Melissa made the motion, seconded by Joan, all in favor.


Project Updates……………………………


  • Academy Building – $100.22 admin expense showing, we can close this out.
  • Consulting Historian – $240.90 — ok to close this out.
  • First Parish Church Siding – $2260 – Harry will check on this one.
  • Stanley Iron Works Stone Building – $7768.50 – design/engineering, this can be closed out; $17,650, building improvement, work is still ongoing;
  • Stiles and Hart Appraisal- TM reached out last week and the attorney thinks they are ready to go with negotiations;
  • Murray Needs Farm- ok to close out;
  •  Town wide Recreational Needs Assessment – $1798.49; Can’t close out as there is an outstanding bill;
  • Grant Writer – $9390.59 –
  • Open Space Plan –
  • Housing Coordinator & Housing Trust-
  • Music Alley- TM noted that there are benches that are going along the Town Hall side that are designed to look built in, but are really not built in.  Stairs will also be put in on the stage. Tony is showing $4611.65 for site improvements for Music Alley left in the account.
  • Old Town Hall – TM gave Community and Economic Development Committee a proposal to see what they are going to do with McElwain, Town Hall; currently ongoing; Council has been given a recommendation.


Bond projection is based only on our local surcharge.


Reorganize: nominations for chair –  Joan made a motion to nominate Harry as Chair, Kevin Mandeville seconded the motion; All in favor, unanimous vote.


Nominations for vice chair – Joan made a motion to nominate Melissa, Bob seconded.  Unanimous vote.


Nominations for treasurer – Harry advises that we don’t really need a treasurer if we rely on the information that we have from the town Finance Director.  Quarterly check in would make the most sense. Joan made a motion to defer having a treasurer and have an executive member look at the reports quarterly and report back to the Committee.  Motion seconded by Kevin Mandeville. All in favor, unanimous vote.


Other Business………………………………………………….

Daryl Vasy, trustee of the Bridgewater United Methodist Church.  Parish House is on Cedar street facing BSU, main church is on School Street across from the Fire station.  They had expressed some interest in getting some CPC funding.  Parish house needs siding completed and other projects. Documents were prepared a year ago and sent to Boston.  Andrew noted there were issues with the mortar work that was significant, the vote at the CPC at the time was that it was too big. Unknown what documents were sent to Boston, but Bob will look into it. Lisa will make a call.


Next meeting is November 16, 2016.


Motion to adjourn made by Ms. Neumeister and seconded by Mr. Mandeville.  Meeting adjourned at 8:08.

Meeting Minutes: June 15, 2016

Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


The meeting was called to order by the Chair at 6:38 PM.


Members Present: Harry Bailey, Melissa Desjardin, Bob Wood, Gina Guasconi, Ray Ajemian

Excused Absences: Joan Neumeister

Members Absent: Mike White

Guests Present: Beth Ann Bligh, Andrew DeIonno, Lisa Sullivan, Anthony Sulmonte


Approval of minutes – motion to accept minutes made by Ms. Guasconi and seconded by Ms. Desjardin, all in favor.


Treasurer’s Report……………………………………………Bob —


Mr. Sulmonte presented information.  First part of order deals with administrative costs.  We reviewed top part of document first. We have $530,230.16 as an estimated CPA surcharge.  The state match would be $153,766.75.  Last year we used a low number because we had difficulty getting a number. Interest income number is going down as rates are low and money has been moving out of our fund.  A unique thing that is happening with how you can handle the premium on bonds, because of the date that you sell the bonds the premium has to be used for debt service ($105,090).  It’s the exact amount of the first principle payment.  Total revenue is $791,586.91.  First thing would be to allocate the 10% of the estimate revenue, backing into the budgeted reserve numbers.  The administrative expenses totals $34,000. Total use of funds is $791,586.90.  Revenues and expenditures should all have a home. There are balances in the three accounts that exist right now.  Some of the funds include the affordable housing funds.


Balance sheet will identify the current balances.


Reserve for continuing appropriations: $145,165.84–there are still balances left in this.


FD BAL-CPA reserved open space: $48,008

FD BAL -CPA reserved Historic preservation: $64,406.70

FD BAL-CPA reserved for community housing: $589,908

FD BAL-CPA reserved budgeted: $246,044

FD BAL – Designated for special purpose: $50

Undesignated fund balance: $1,964,807.99–can be used for whatever CPC sees fit.

Total: $3,058,390.53


This is all cash in the bank.  Some things haven’t hit the budget yet as some are still in limbo with the Council.


We need a vote for the budget.  Need to communicate to Harry so he can communicate to the TM’s office.


Motion to accept the budget and the transfer as referenced made by Ms. Guasconi and seconded by Ms. Desjardin.  Mr. Wood abstained.


Project Updates……………………………


  • Academy Building – Project is on schedule. Move in is late August or early September. Looking at options for parking, Larry Silva’s office has been engaged to do a parking assessment.
  • Stanley Iron Works Stone Building – There is still money available.  Andrew’s wife has agreed to do an assessment on the building for free.  No one has done a study with recommendations as of yet. We will need to stabilize the building before we can do anything.  There is talk of making a museum type of building. Mr. Wood made a motion to accept the offer of Andrew’s wife to do an evaluation, seconded by Gina. All in favor. Andrew recommended seeking some names regarding non profits, ie: Oliari Charitable Foundation, Shea Foundation and Stanley Foundation.
  • Stiles and Hart Appraisal-Figures are on Andrew’s desk, unknown if able to release as of yet.
  • Town­wide Recreational Needs Assessment – It is all done, but is not on the website.  There will be a new website in August.  Lisa will send out a link for it.
  • Open Space Plan – We did not discuss.
  • Housing Coordinator & Housing Trust-request for transfer is still with Council. Guidelines are very stringent. The group has received numerous links and documents on how to use CPC funds for Housing.
  • Music Alley-It’s in operation. It needs stairs, a ramp. They are considering hiring someone to finish the work.


Other Business………………………………………………….


Bob: As soon as the people get out of town hall and into the Academy Building, he and Marilee were talking about getting the stuff out of the basement. He has a box in the history room. He also found a book for the North purchase, which includes Norton, Mansfield and Easton. He may turn over to the Old Colony Historical Society.


Melissa: membership dues for the coalition. Motion to pay the Coalition dues per the invoice made by Bob, seconded by Melissa. All in favor.  Melissa will send email to Lisa with Invoice. Lisa will let us know where it is being paid from. Lisa will ask Tony how it should be paid.  Update as of June 16, 2016 from Lisa: We are paying $930.65 this week and the balance in July.  This is calendar year dues, so it is ok to pay it over two fiscal years.


Next meeting: plan will be that if we don’t have anything to do we won’t meet.  Everything can be shared via email. Next meeting will be in September.


Motion to adjourn made by Mr. Wood and seconded by Ms. Desjardin.  Meeting adjourned at 7:40.

Meeting Minutes Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The meeting was called to order by the Chair at 6:34 PM.


Members Present: Harry Bailey, Melissa Desjardin, Bob Wood, Joan Neumeister, Mike White

Excused Absences: Gina Guasconi, Shirley Krasinski

Members Absent: Ray Ajemian

Guests Present: Beth Ann Bligh


Approval of minutes – One question by Mr. Wood: Change made to BHB to VHB. Minutes approved.


Treasurer’s Report-Bob: Nothing new from Mr. Wood.  Tabled until later.


Project Updates


  • Academy Building- Mr. White advised it is on schedule for August 1.  Mr. Wood questioned a door on the South Street side, which Mr. White believes it’s an emergency door.


  • Stanley Iron Works Stone Building- We will be getting back to that as Mr. Norris will be rejoining the committee.


  • Stiles and Hart Appraisal- Moving along.  The attorney’s are trying to push it forward and the owners are trying to get rid of it.


  • Town­wide Recreational Needs Assessment- Still waiting on Open Space to finalize.


  • Open Space Plan-They haven’t moved the money yet, has to go through the Council.


  • Housing Coordinator & Housing Trust-Joan met with Mr. Sharland of the Citizens advisory committee.  It hasn’t officially started yet.  It’s the TM, Joan, Mr. Callahan, Pat Driscoll and another woman.


  • Music Alley- Mr. White, Mr. Wood and Mr. Bailey have been down there. Melissa did some planning on it and the entrance is beautiful.  Ashmont Ironworks is donating the entrance.




Other: We need to renew our membership for the Coalition of CPC. Motion made by Mr. Wood and seconded by Ms. Neumeister to pay the Coalition of CPC in Boston. 


If we are going to take July and August off we have to reorganize the next meeting. 


With no further business to attend, Mr. Wood motioned to adjourn, seconded by Ms Desjardin. The motion passed unanimously at 6:49 PM.


CPC Meeting Minutes: March 16, 2016

The meeting was called to order by the Chair at 6:30 PM.


Members Present: Ray Ajemian, Harry Bailey, Melissa Desjardins, Gina Guasconi, Shirley Krasinski, Joan Neumeister, Mike White, Bob Wood

Excused Absences:

Members Absent:

Guests Present: Beth Ann Bligh, Marilee Kenney Hunt, Lisa Sullivan, Andrew Delonno


Action Item/Liaison Reports Responsible Party Date Assigned Date Due


Approval of Minutes from xx/xx/16: Minutes for the January and February meetings will be completed by new Administrative Assistant Beth Ann Bligh. Therefore, we had no minutes to approve at the time of the meeting.


Treasurer’s Report: Pay off of Murray Farm, paid 2/2/16. Andrew was unable to print out the debt schedule.  Print outs were passed around with balances as of the afternoon of 3/16/16.



Project Updates: Ms. Goldson was not present, so there is no Status of Active CPA-Funded Projects document from this meeting. Chair Bailey gave brief updates on the following projects:


 Stanley Iron Works Stone Building (additional notes): This project is still on hold as we can’t go anywhere until the Spring.  Andrew spoke about saving the structure, which has been an ongoing issue.  In Savannah, GA they have made their old railroad buildings into a children’s museum.  Perhaps a partnership could be made with BSU to make something for the community. There are interactive options which have happened in other communities. We may be able to secure additional grants by partnering with BSU.


Academy Building (additional notes):  Michael White provided update:  3/4 of sheetrock is up on the inside.  Paint crew on the exterior should get going before the Spring rains.  Appears to be on track at this time. Mid August is the potential completion date.


Stiles and Hart Broad Street Appraisal: As of now no appraisal has been completed.  Mel Shea and Harry Bailey cleared from High Street down to the Broad Street path, approximately 1000 feet.  The main trail is currently moving along.


Town-wide Recreational Needs Assessment: We don’t have a final draft; sections pertaining to open space and recreation have been distributed.  They are currently working on the final draft.  Per Ms. Guasconi, the Recreation Commission meeting for March was cancelled and next meeting is April so they would have been working on it.  The report was very well balanced with regard to passive and active recreation.


Housing Coordinator & Housing Trust: Ms. Sullivan went to a class about using CPC funds for affordable housing.  This is a complex process and it is difficult to get going.  We have identified a great mix of people to be on the Committee for the Affordable Housing Trust.  They are currently being vetted.  That group of 5 along with the Town Manager will be approved and then they will start identifying pieces of property and perhaps doing a Habitat for Humanity program (or the like, ie. Pro Home), along with including the College and the Community.  We will have to do an RFP and identify parcels.  Hopefully it will get us interested and excited about affordable housing. Ms. Sullivan went to an affirmative fair marketing plan meeting, and will be going to one for 40B and a few other programs.  Housing Trust: it is contingent that there will be a CPC member.  Ms. Sullivan reached out to Ms. Neumeister as she thinks she will be a good choice.  Ms. Neumeister noted that she has previous experience with affordable housing and it can be very convoluted as there are many things that complicate it. It’s important that the trustees develop their own program.


Progress on Open Space:


Regional CPC Meeting:


Other: New application for Music Alley:


Marilee Kenney-Hunt presented.  She provided a brief summary.  There is an alley in between town hall and 50 Central Square where Bridgewater Art & Custom Framing was. This area is 50% town owned 50% by Stetson Realty, they are currently working on securing the easement. The idea came that they would make it an area for music. The area will need to be cleaned out and she is looking for help with money for pavers and lumber for a small stage in order to do small, acoustic performances.  This is a small space that will reverberate sound.  Some musicians suggested that the stage face the alley so the music goes into the alley.  It will narrow the entrance way, but it would cut down on the noise.  It would make for a better flow. Potential of 25% of the take for maintenance.  Ms. Kenney Hunt applied for a Cultural Council grant for $500, which was awarded and they came back and gave another $750.  She also applied for a University community initiative for $5000 and got that as well.


She has met with Mr. Simonds from the Recreation Department who has agreed to assist.  He offered input into the correct type of pavers to use for the area. He has the ability to bring in an excavator. She would like at the end of May or the beginning of June.  There is a steering committee in place and a  member has someone from the University that can bring manpower from the fraternities and sororities. The steering committee is responsible for getting the musicians.  Potentially Wednesday nights from 5-8.


Once the area is ready and events are lined up they plan on serving food.  The fire department has a grill behind the station that they are offering the use of and local businesses have also offered to cook.  They would also like to bring in non profits to cook as well.


Furniture: Ms. Kenney Hunt mentioned the idea of asking town people to consider donating old furniture as they upgrade for the summer. However, this idea caused concern for Ms. Desjardins as there is a potential for defective furniture that someone could get hurt on. Also, anchoring furniture will make it harder to accommodate more people.  Long wooden benches may be a better idea for along the perimeter.  Also, at the opening there would need to be something so people won’t park there.  Ms. Krasinski mentioned that the improvement association used to have two Greek urns in front of Town Hall but they got destroyed as it invites damage.  Marilee was thinking more like rounded heavy items that would be filled with stone.


Discussion also addressed bringing food trucks in as they could potentially go out in the municipal lots.  Andrew discussed with Chief Delmonte who wasn’t totally against food trucks, but there can be issues, we would need better lighting back there.


Trash removal was also discussed and hopefully we can find some of the barrels that were previously taken away.  There is the potential for a Big Belly Solar and the Town also owns the dumpster behind the fire department.  Drainage will need to be addressed, will need PVC so there are no water backs up after rain. The back fence will be removed and they would also like to have access from the back so people can use the municipal lot to park.


A local Brownie troop has offered to donate $300 for plants.


Motion sensor lights will be needed and possibly security cameras.


Mr. Ajemian made a motion for $10,000 however it was never seconded.  Ms. Krasinski made a motion to give $20,000 and the motion was seconded by Ms. Neumeister; the vote was unanimous.


Other business: Mr. Bailey received a resignation letter from Andrea Monteith.


The next meeting will be April 20, 2016 and the vice chair will be running the meeting.


Lisa will need open space plan funding request and 1 for a transfer of the affordable housing trust;


With no further business to attend to, Mr. Ajemian moved to adjourn; seconded by Ms. Guasconi. The meeting adjourned at 7:56 PM.


Meeting Minutes: Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The meeting was called to order by the Chair at 6:30 PM.


Members Present: Ray Ajemian, Harry Bailey, Melissa Desjardin, Gina Guasconi, Shirley Krasinski, Andrea Monteith, Joan Neumeister, Mike White


Excused Absences: Bob Wood


Members Absent:


Guests Present:


Action Item/Liaison Reports Responsible Party Date Assigned Date Due
Ask Town Manager to have Town Attorney review Stanley Iron Work contract for possible termination Chair Bailey 10/21  


Approval of Minutes from 9/16/15: Ms. Krasinski moved to accept the minutes from the September 16th meeting; Mr. White seconded. The motion passed unanimously.


Treasurer’s Report: Mr. Wood was not present, so there was nothing new to report.


Project Updates: Ms. Goldson was not present, so there is no Status of Active CPA-Funded Projects document from this meeting. Chair Bailey gave brief updates on the following projects:


Academy Building (additional notes):  The following projects are in the works: siding, carpentry, rough plumbing preparation, the slab will be poured in the basement and the windows will begin in early December.


First Parish Church (need to revert funds): Ms. Monteith moved to revert back the remaining $2,200 of unused First Parish funds. Mr. White seconded. The motion passed unanimously.


Stanley Iron Works Stone Building (additional notes): At the meeting in September, the Contractor, Bay State Restoration, promised that next phase of work would begin in October. Ms. Neumeister moved to suggest that the Town Manager check with the Town Attorney to review the contract and determine whether CPC might be able to terminate the contract with Bay State. Mr. Ajemian seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.


Stiles and Hart Broad Street Appraisal (additional notes): Work is currently being discussed between the owners and the Town Manager.


Town-wide Recreational Needs Assessment: The first town-wide meeting is being held this evening at Scotland Links Clubhouse.


Housing Coordinator Position (additional notes): Ms. Lisa Sullivan is now the part-time Housing Coordinator.  The Housing Trust pays her salary.



Transferring funds prior to tax rate setting in November.

Ms. Neumeister moved to transfer funds prior to the tax rate setting in November. Ms. Desjardins seconded. The motion passed unanimously.





With no further business to attend, Ms. Krasinski  moved to adjourn; Ms. Neumeister seconded. The motion passed unanimously at 7:00 PM.


Archive of Meeting Minutes